Tips for Staying Well and Health at Work

Research from decades ago have established that sedentary behavior – for instance, such as sitting at the workplace – enhances an individual’s risk of cardiovascular complications, type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions, and in some people, cancer.

Doing your job doesn’t mean that you have to give up being well and healthy. The following are helpful ways to remain on track for maximum health and wellness:

Use the stairs.

You’ve heard this from way back, but this is quite easy: climb the stairs and skip the elevator if possible. You may not be climbing a lot of stairs for a huge calorie burn, but your heart will pump more vigorously and blood will flow better throughout your body. Against taking the elevator, stair climbing also demands eight to nine times more energy and up to seven times more calories.

Prepare your own lunch – and snacks.

Eating healthy food at work is usually far from convenient. The cafeteria or local fast food joint may be your easiest option, but it’s best to pack yourself a nice and healthy lunch and some healthy snacks each night before you go to bed. Not only will this provide proper body fuel, but you can even save money.

Hydrate yourself.

For every pound you weigh, you should drink from half to one ounce of water. To remain well hydrated the whole day, have a 20-ounce water bottle in handy while you’re at work, and refill it about 5 times in the day.

Make your work space ergonomic.

If a sit-to-stand desk is not currently available to you, there are methods of making your workspace ergonomically friendly. For example, make sure your mouse, keyboard and monitor are arranged ergonomically. And watch your posture. Sit up straight and make sure your chair height allows your feet to rest flat and comfy on the floor.


Rather than using your entire lunch hour for eating, leave time to go for a walk or a bike ride.|Instead of dedicating your full lunch hour to just eating, use your break to snatch a quick walk or maybe a bike ride.|You can always consume your whole lunch hour for eating, but why not spend some of it for a quick walk? If you like company while exercising, ask a friend to do it with you, or see if your company sponsors wellness activities such as yoga or pilates for employees. Go to a local gym and join exercises classes they might be offering within your lunch hour. Whatever type of program or activity you go for, maintain a well-balanced diet.

You’re probably too busy at work. But if continue to do what you do while neglecting your health, you could develop an illness over time. Luckily, you can keep that from happening if you prioritize your health at all times.

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